Demystifying Gluten

In the recent years, the war against gluten has gone viral and we have seen an incremental number of people modifying their diets to avoid gluten at any cost. While we know that gluten is a complex protein very hard to digest and non-essential to our health, the drastic response of removing gluten from our […]

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Overcome Sinusitis… Breathe Ayurveda!

Sinusitis can be an annoying condition. Its symptoms include stuffed nose; flow of yellow or green mucus from the nose; pain or pressure around the eyes or in the face; headache and toothache; reduced sense of smell; and even foul smell from nose and mouth. There are millions of bacteria in our nose, and most […]

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India: An Ayurvedic Experience

During the past year, I have written about different health topics, explaining the Ayurvedic process to recover balance and achieve wellbeing. Ayurveda, which means “science of life”, has its origins in India. As part of my goal of increasing awareness of this holistic health system, I recently organized a 2 week trip to India where […]

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Simple Ways to Bring Ayurveda into your Life

January is the perfect time to think about the things we can change to enhance our health and wellbeing. Ayurveda gently accesses the natural resources to help us achieve this goal through simple practices. Here are my recommendations to start the New Year: • Breathe to Release the Stress – Under stress, we have an […]

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Nothing Like a Good Night Sleep!

Ayurveda considers sleep to be one of the pillars of good health. Our inner sleep rhythm should connect to the rhythms of nature, or more specifically to daylight. Insomnia (anidra) is caused due to the aggravation of the Vata dosha in the body. Also, the imbalance of other doshas in the body causes undernourishment of […]

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Healthy Aging

Every first Friday of the month we host a Conscious Movie night during which we present contemporary content related to health, yoga, spiritual matters, diet and many other topics that promote good conversation and personal reflection at the conclusion of each movie During October we presented a movie called, “Healthy Aging”. The production was actually […]

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Boost your Health with a Balanced Diet

The human body is a marvelous biological machine that has within itself all the mechanisms for self-healing.  Our body is a pharmacy by itself, producing the right amount of acids to aid digestion, strong hormones and chemicals to cheer us up or help us deal with dangerous situations.  Our lymphatic system is always working to […]

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You Are what You Digest!

Ayurveda holds that most health afflictions have their roots embedded in faulty or incomplete digestion. In my practice, people come for a consultation seeking ways to improve their health through lifestyle changes. In many cases, imbalances are not immediately evident and a complete Ayurvedic assessment usually reveals weakness of digestive power and/or poor elimination. How […]

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What to Expect from an Ayurvedic Consultation

Clients who chose to schedule an Ayurvedic Consultation should be prepared to share and discuss a number of topics that cover their overall life span. Understanding your dosha is the first step to beginning the discussion. We provide our consultation clients a pre-meeting package they complete and return to us prior to their scheduled consultation. […]

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Tastes in Nature

Thousands of years ago the Ayurvedic seers found out that there are six basic tastes in nature.  While this may seem too simple, it is as relevant today as it was in ancient times.  Today we know that a meal including all six tastes is nutritionally balanced and will leave us feeling satisfied.  This will […]

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