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  • A genuine life milestone

    This weekend I completed yet another journey that is part of many lives, the final chapter in sending your children into the world to live their lives and pursue their own happiness. My youngest daughter graduated from the University of … Read more

  • A True Story

    I recently had the opportunity to share a presentation with a group of members of the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on the topic of Ayurvedic Doshas. As I prepared my material and the presentation flow I intended to follow, … Read more

  • Suffering through Stress or Living through Restful Awareness

    Since man’s earliest beginnings, stress has been an essential element of the human condition. Today’s conversation on the topic of stress usually places it in a highly negative light and associates it with all manner of undesirable consequences both in … Read more

  • Responsibility and Accountability

    This past week marked the official start of our traditional year-end observances and holidays. Hanukah started on Wednesday, followed by Thanksgiving on Thursday. Both traditions offer families to opportunity to pause, reflect and honor the history that has brought us … Read more

  • Meditation as a tool for Detachment

    Since beginning my journey with JothiVita, I’ve have learned so much about the subtleties of feeling, thought, action and consequence.  One of the most powerful teachings I have consumed is also one of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, the … Read more

  • Yoga & the Lymphatic System

    The lymphatic system represents our natural ability to resist and eliminate various kinds of pathogens and waste material from the body through the action of white blood cells. Following the path of the circulatory system, lymphatic activity occurs along these … Read more

  • What Inspires Giving

    Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on what “giving” means to you?  Giving should mean a selfless action or expression whereby you transfer something of consequence from you to someone else without any expectation, reluctance, or second thoughts. … Read more

  • The Eightfold Path

    As I continue to seek new knowledge about who I am, I am amazed at how much information I have failed to come in contact with, let alone grasp at this point in my life. My journey to JothiVita has … Read more

  • Meditation and Self-Awareness

    In my earlier blog entry, “Thoughts on Meditation”, I captured my personal thoughts on how Present Moment Awareness can be amplified as you learn on how to meditate effectively. Today I’d like to build on that point.  Being in the … Read more

  • Thoughts on Meditation

    While I consider Meditation to be an essential part of how I live my day today, it wasn’t always that way and when I look back at my attitude and priorities pre meditation, I can reconcile a lot of what … Read more