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Panchakarma Program


Life-Force Rejuvenation: An Ayurvedic Cleansing Program


In order to achieve optimal health, the Ayurvedic philosophy believes that it is necessary to undergo bodily cleansing, or detoxification when imbalance is present.  Such cleansing should be deep, powerful and thorough, yet gentle and safe.  The focus of this cleansing is on bringing your body back into balance by reducing stress and removing toxins from the superficial to deeper tissues and organs, ending with cleaning the colon – the root of most diseases.

In Ayurveda this process is called Panchakarma and is the ultimate purification and rejuvenation therapy used to cleanse, detoxify, and revitalize the organs and body functions.  These treatments were originally developed for the royal families of India as a form of luxurious indulgence.  As a preventive detoxification therapy, this treatment can greatly enhance the quality of your life by increasing your vitality through the elimination of those toxins in your body that create health problems.  Additionally, it provides extensive rejuvenation of bodily tissue at a very deep level by ensuring proper hydration and lubrication.  If you are experiencing a negative health condition, often the direct result of bodily imbalance, this timeless therapy will strengthen your body by eliminating stagnant bodily waste and residual environmental toxins.

JothiVita offers several choices when considering a Panchakarma decision.

Our traditional offering is a 6-day program targeted at individuals who are currently experiencing an health imbalance.  In this version of the program you will experience a deeper cleansing and healing process, reaching new levels of energy and vitality.  Our program complements the treatment with a cleansing vegetarian diet using specific spices, teas, and herbal preparations to assist cleansing, digestion and proper elimination.  During this time, you are advised to put aside your usual preoccupations with work and family and get as much physical and mental rest as possible.

For individuals seeking preventative and wellness options, our 3 day program provides the essential activities associated with our 6 day program, but with a reduced frequency appropriate for individuals not currently experiencing a health imbalance.  Delivered over Friday to Sunday period, this option works best for individuals whose schedule makes it challenging to commit to a 6 day term.